Revitalize your corporate culture with better office coffee service

Brew by the cup

Choose a single-cup brewer that allows everyone to brew the coffee or hot drink of their choice, using one machine.

Brew by the pot

Opt for traditional coffee brewing equipment that brews delicious coffee into a pot or portable thermal unit.

Steep by the bag

Build the perfect tea bar in your Buffalo break room with our assortment of fine quality teas in all your favorite varieties.

Sip by the glass

Enjoy pure tasting water without the hassle or expense of 5 gallon bottles with our water filtration service.

We restock all break room essentials

Avoid the headache of petty cash for break room supplies when A-1 Vending will regularly restock them for you, such as stir sticks, napkins, creamers, cups, paper plates, etc.

Coffee is a valued perk - make it perfect.

Buffalo’s trusted source for quality office coffee service from glass coffee pots to coffee by the cup.

Bunn office coffee equipment
Keurig coffee brewer
Bean to cup equipment
Single cup office coffee brewer
  • No bottle water coolers

    Eliminate the 5 gallon bottle, but keep all the perks of fresh tasting water with our water filtration units.

  • Engineered for your space

    The water filtration system is available as a counter top unit or a floor-standing unit to fit your break area.

  • Instantly hot or cold

    Fresh, filtered water is available on-demand from our water filtration units, including hot and cold taps.

Elevate your break room to an ally in the war for talent with better office coffee service from the experts -- A-1 Vending at 716.984.1504 or